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And Earn on Every Referral

Ideally, nothing stops you from becoming our reseller. If you are one of HR consultants, CA firms, business advisors, digital consultants, payment/financial advisors, institution advisors you will find value in partnering with us.
Leverage your network and become our digital sales consultant to simplify payments for your network and customers

Who Can Partner

Consultants & Advisors

Ideally, nothing stops you from becoming a partner. If you are any one of HR consultants, CA firms, business advisors, digital consultants, payment/financial advisors, institution advisors, you can help your clients and will find value in partnering.

OEM/Solution providers

Or if you are an OEM/TSP of solution providers who give solutions which have hardware, browser software or mobile apps for applications like attendance, school management software, campus software, resident society software, ERP, accounting software’s and have good customer base.

Influencers & CSR advisors

If you are a social influencer, managing administration, managing NGO’s, self help groups, women empowerment groups, special ability training, social impact organizations that have large number users, talk to us for special packages. We partner to enhance and make efficient for people to manage their money digitally and address pain points in dealing with cash and digital money problems

Workers & Travel professions

If you are managing migrants and travellers; both domestic and international, have large travel groups, travel agencies, contract workers or work with people who deal with large numbers of workers, talk to us for solving quick and easy pay solutions..

Earn commission and rewards

Register as a Partner
Submit identify proof, contact details and bank account details online to get started

Onboard customer
Add customer by submitting business details via your Partner Dashboard and notify customer

Monitor and earn rewards
For each added account, get access to their transactions summary and receive commission directly into your bank account periodically

What Do We Expect

We help you with our exhaustive training on “how to” & product offering documents and expect the following:

We expect you to have good working relationships with enterprises, corporates and various large and institutions both govt and non govt. The enterprises that have employees, associates, consultants or people network above 100 are good to find benefits in what we offer.

We expect you to introduce and help the brand with; campus cards, company cards, school cards, factory cards, NGO cards, women cards, resident society cards in your vicinity where you have good relationships and help in making them digital payment ready and add value to their daily lives.

We expect you to educate and sell the concept of salary card, meal card, expense card, gift card, cashless digital card, maid card, driver card, incentive card, commission card and the likes to your network and customers

What Can You Expect


Increase revenue with existing customers.


Create deeper connect and make your relations meaningful


Within your existing relationships, have additional offering to give to your clients


You do not require to give ongoing support, we take care of most


Get insight on how the program is going


Generate additional margins by offering solutions